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Category English Religious
Country USA
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Loma Linda Broadcasting Network (LLBN) is a non-profit community and various TV Christian broadcast networks located in Loma Linda, California, founded in 1996. Broadcasts can be received through the GloryStar satellite system-Galaxy 19, Internet video streaming on each website, IPTV certain areas provide services such as Roku and Roku devices, Joozor TV and Verizon FiOS and cable/low-power and high-power TV stations. LLBN English is broadcast on Glorystar Channel 105, LLBN Arabic is broadcast on Glorystar Channel 405, and LLBN Latino is broadcast on Glorystar Channel 505. It is located in Loma Linda, which is one of only five blue areas in the world in the surrounding Seventh-day Adventist community. It is based on its plan[8], and its values ​​and lifestyle are centered around the Seventh-day Adventist Church, nearby Loma Linda University, and the hospital.

It has special guest speakers, such as James Burr (James Burr), his achievements in the design and manufacture of telescopes, and his biblical astronomy accessories and astronomy lecture design patents are world-renowned, and It Is’s Written by lecturer/director Shawn Boonstra. LLBN’s Christian Connections has Ted Wilson, president of the Seventh-day Adventist World Church. Lawrence Gerati and Douglas Clark of the Center for Near Eastern Archaeology at the University of Sierra Leone, along with archaeologists Kent Bramlett and Zhang Haoji, studied the contribution of Middle Eastern archaeology to our understanding of the Bible, and Lynn Ma Dr. Tell's enlightening story for people who faced and overcome personal medical challenges.


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