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Alcohol Addiction Symptoms and Rehab

April is Alcohol Awareness Month. Its purpose is to raise awareness about alcohol misuse and stigma, as well as to educate people about the best treatments. It is possible to get informed and reach out to the public about the disease and what you can do to help them. There are many resources available to help you overcome your drinking problems.

Joy Sutton, the host of Sober Thursdays (a limited series talk show) was able to meet with four employees of the American Addiction Centers (AAC), a national leader in addiction treatment.

AAC is proud of its compassionate staff. Many of the AAC's employees are sober and have worked with patients who have had to overcome past struggles with drug or alcohol misuse. It is through their long-term experience in recovery that they can bring compassion to their work and, more importantly, the people they care for.

These panelists were part of the Sober Thursday premiere:

Bryce Morrow is an admissions development representative.

Nikki McCabe is a CDCA outreach coordinator.

Phillip Van Guilder is a director of community affairs.

Last but not least Karla Dayhoff is an admissions navigator.

These brave and compassionate people shared their personal experiences with alcohol misuse and the important work they do at AAC. This week's episode is about "Do you have a drinking problem: Signs you shouldn't ignore."

There are many resources available to help you if you have an alcohol abuse disorder. AAC is a national leader in addiction treatment. It provides support under licensed medical professionals in a safe environment. Reach out if you are struggling with addiction.

Signs that you may have a drinking problem

Joy shared her personal experiences and highlighted signs to be aware of in people who may be struggling with alcoholism.

Signs like:

Changes in the physical world.

Behavior changes

Relationship challenges

Dwindling control over drinking habits.

Phillip, Greenhouse Treatment Center's community affairs director, was asked if most people realizeMan, holding his head, worried about his drinking problems. They knew they had a problem from the beginning. His response to the problem may surprise others if he recalls his thoughts in the days prior to getting sober.

I know it's easy for people to drink too much alcohol. It's legal. Maybe I would get help if I was like them. After all, what I do is legal.

It is easy to see that people who are struggling with alcohol misuse may not see themselves as having a problem because the things they need to live a happy life can be found at local restaurants, grocery stores, and convenience stores.

Bryce Morrow, Admissions Development Representative, had a similar mindset. "... I was doing it daily... It's legal so it wasn't going get me in trouble."

It got to the point that Bryce was drinking became an issue in his life. He realized that he didn’t care about getting in trouble. He began to feel the signs of trouble, but he didn't know what to do.

An estimated 18 million Americans suffer from an alcohol-related disorder. The severity of the disease will depend on how severe it is. The term "alcoholism" is used to describe severe alcohol use disorder.

Watch the entire premiere of Sober Thursdays to learn more about alcohol misuse, and to be inspired and inspired by the stories shared by panelists Nikki McCabe and Karla Dayhoff. If you are struggling with an addiction to alcohol, reach out today for the support you need.

This post was written in 22 MAY 2022

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